The Blendy Thing “Home Workspace” Where To Start👩🏽‍💻 UPDATE

CLICK LINK ABOVE👆🏽 TO READ UPDATE🤹🏽‍♀️ BUILD YOUR eFRAMEWORK first (emoji smile)…in the near future, I will be sharing my experience on adding(implementing) GDPR/NIST Compliance on to Blogs, websites, digital products, etc. Excited to be sharing! In the mean time here is a #refer-a-friend link below👇🏽 – To LEARN at your own pace about GDPR COMPLIANCE Learn on your own through Alison Free courses and Certificates TO understand ways to get started with covering your digital butt 🙇🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️

WHAT YOU GET you need to complete a course within 30 days of registering. When you’ve completed a course, you will receive an email with a voucher code for your 10% discount and instructions on how to claim it. AND after 3+ sign ups I earn a cost free digital/or paper certificate

Bring a Pen! or eCalendar

TIP: The best advice I have received that has helped run my ebusinesses and brick & mortar(physical biz) is to keep records digitally! #paid #sponsor #QBAmbassador click on link 👉🏽 🎯 I’ve used Quickbooks/Intuit products since about 2000 and it makes managing paperwork for customers/clients/products and last but not least TAXES a breeze👆🏽

What is technology really about?

Valorize IT - Digital Tranformist

There are so many buzzwords, so many turnkey solutions and so much written, spoken and debated about technology so I decided that we should go to the very core, the roots, of what technology really is, what it is all about.

Imagine sitting in a meeting, someone says something important you really want to remember. You grab a pencil and a piece of paper or in some other way, you write it down, so you will not forget these important words. Us humans are fantastic beings, but of course we are also limited in some ways and in most of these cases there are things that aids us, or even extends our abilities.

When you boil it down, when you take away all the buzzwords and everything else, what technology is really about is to assist or extend our human ability to accomplish things. This might sound simple and straightforward…

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Apps and Services that have kept me stress free as a Remote Worker, Independent Contractor (IC), and for EveryDay Home uses.

I really enjoy finding everyday home and work uses for all the amazing apps n gadgets that are supposed to make our lives easier somehow. Also, I like helping people and seeing people succeed.

I made it a goal to work from home in the year 2000. I enjoyed the people I met and skills I developed working for companies but, by 2003 I was laid off again when my company was going through a merger. (emoji smile) So, when I received severance pay close to tax time, I used the free time and money to support myself by slicing the money into a monthly budget over the next year.

I considered this time as an opportunity to reflect on what I really enjoyed and what skills I could use to work from home. Frustrated by the thought of where to start setting up to work from home I set out on a digital journey.